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Tailored Recycling Programs

Zero Waste to Landfill

Whole Plant Solutions

Closed Loop Recycling

Some of our most beneficial solutions have been in implementing Closed Loop Recycling. Through consulting and processing often we can create an end product from a waste stream into a usable feedstock for the original waste generating product. This not only reduces landfilling but takes a landfill expense and turns it to a lower cost feedstock.


With proper quality control, Closed Loop Recycling is an attainable solution for many waste streams that is often the most rewarding for both budgetary and environmental departments.

Implementing one environmental consultant throughout all your waste streams can have many benefits.


Primarily, it reduces the time and effort management is wasting in procuring and managing outlets for each stream and guarantees they are being handled by a consistent, proven vendor.


Additionally, operational and logistical synergies often develop, specifically in reducing freight costs and having quicker turns of material to processing.


Letting Specialty Processing apply our methodology to an entire plant’s waste allows the benefits of our industry relationships to be realized fully. 

For any plant manager or environmental coordinator, implementing Zero Waste to Landfill initiatives can be a daunting task.  We successfully have participated in several major companies’ efforts in Zero Waste to Landfill initiatives.


Our solutions, whether for one stream or for all streams help plants exceed their environmental goals without sacrificing their fiscal goals.


Zero Waste to Landfill is an achievable goal that not only helps American Manufacturing be a better environmental steward but also is a marketable consumer feature that can directly impact sales.

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