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Industrial Rubber & Polymer Waste Solutions

Economically Viable

Successful Long Term waste stream solutions must be viable financially. Creating a positive economic value from waste streams is key to a program’s success.


We look to achieve this by reducing handling time of waste materials for plant employees and by setting up processes to maximize waste stream value. Rather than a cost center byproducts can become a revenue center.

Environmentally Viable


Our solutions are held to strict environmental standards and are focused on reducing the negative externalities of the waste. We look at the complete life cycle of the waste product.


By processing and finding secondary uses for waste materials we avoid the negative externalities of both landfilling and incineration.

Organizationally Viable

We both understand and appreciate 

that solutions that do not mesh well with either the corporate strategy or plant primary activities are not solutions at all. 


By going on site and working with our vendors, we’ve found solutions that integrate seamlessly into the existing plant activities while maximizing material value.

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